How is the Gay Community Under Trump

There has been a lot of back and forth debate about whether Donald Trump is good or bad for the gay community – a net neutral force or what exactly. Of course many gay people are shown to be Democrat in the media however this is not always true – the challenge that people have accepting is that a gay person is multi faceted and is not always a single issue voter.

Unfortunately voting has been split down the gay line in the election season – whether gay people could serve in the military was an issue under Bill Clinton – the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” statement has been what gay people have had to go through.

However now there are new aspects of the gay and lesbian community being represented in the army. Now the debate is whether or not transgendered persons should be able to serve in the army – and this is the big question.

There are two questions at play here – the cultural one and the practical one. The cultural one is a little uncomfortable – but it definitely boils down to if people are ready to have transgender people in the army – and are willing to serve with them. There will always be a quartet of people who will oppose this – however at a certain point the culture will be ready – the question is when it will be ready.

The second point is the practical one – transgender people serving in the military will require a redrafting of certain procedures, guidelines and rules. Should a transgender male use the male bathroom or the female bathroom? These are the practical implications that will have to be rewritten.

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