The pros and cons of having homosexual parents

Just like same sex marriages have been a matter of debate, gay parenting is a matter that comes close. People are not sure whether gay parenting will be advantageous or not. A number of people who oppose the idea have the opinion that effects of gay parenting over kids will be adverse. The kids would not be able to find the right kind of environment to live in.

Gay groups however have the opinion that it is not sexual orientation that must define parenting abilities. Let us take a look at a few of the top pros and cons of gay parenting:


  1. Beneficial for children

Kids find financial and health support when they are with lesbian or gay couples. Kids of gay parents then need not be sent for adoption. Parents can pour all their love on children.

  • Home for orphans

When kids of gay parents have been adopted, it is a new home that they find. The kids also find a complete family, something that they missed earlier in life.

  • Affectionate environment

As the kids find a loving environment, they begin to appreciate themselves and the world around.

  • Lesser kids in welfare communities

The number of kids up for adoption in welfare communities decreases. It is an alternate foster care system and is similar to homes.


  1. Shortage of well balanced adults

Kids would have to put up with a shortage of well balanced adults, such as a father and mother at home who act as role models for children.

  • Will remind us of fifth commandment

The fifth commandment tells us that parents, father and mother must be honored. This becomes ironical in the situation when the parents are gay.

  • Confuses the children

When kids have gay parents, the process of growing has a degree of confusion associated with it. When the kids start their own families, the confusion renders a negative effect.

These pros and cons simplify the understanding about homosexual parents. Even while there will be some discrepancies, if a parent is capable of raising a child, he or she would be able to do it well. This would be just like other adoptive parents raise a child.

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Just how many genders are there really?

Our understanding of gender is continually evolving. We relate a number of things with a particular gender. This includes professions, apparel, activities and interests. Our perception of the same too is continually evolving.

Nowadays, the evolution is more evident than ever. Girls dress up like boys. They are called tomboys.

Understanding of genders has changed. In previous generations, it used to be different. Preferences have changed as well. Same sex marriages are the norm in some countries.

All these things lay their consequences, which are evident over institutions, organizations, families and children.

As per a poll conducted in US, a majority of people see gender as a spectrum. Transgenders are included. It is no longer a man woman binary.

Similarly, the J. Walter Thompson Intelligence had conducted a survey. They came to realize that in the age group of 13-20, 56% of people know of the individuals who use gender neutral pronouns. Gender neutral pronouns are they and them, rather than his and her.

Nowadays, products are also not marketed in a way that does not target a certain gender. Pink and blue clothing is not supremely popular. Pink and blue toys aren’t either.

In order to understand their own gender, basic gender literacy is very important for children. This keeps the relationships healthier. One is empowered to write relevant social media messages.

The societal ideas about gender that prevail render an influence over important aspects of the lives of people. A few of the important fields where the effects are evident are relationships, finance and career.

It is important to understand the dimensions of gender. Sex and gender are two terms used interchangeably. The two terms are interconnected. But they do not mean the same thing.

A newborn’s gender is assigned as male or female. In some countries and some US states, a third option is available as well. The deciding criteria are the baby’s genitals.

Whether it is a boy or a girl, we perceive the baby in the same way as we perceive boys and girls. But it does not end there. There are 3 different dimensions and the interrelationship between them, which defines how a baby’s gender should be perceived. They are a baby’s body, his identity, such as genderless, agender, ungendered, genderfluid, genderqueer, man or woman. Then it is also important how the individual presents his gender to the world, which is the social aspect of gender.

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How is the Gay Community Under Trump

There has been a lot of back and forth debate about whether Donald Trump is good or bad for the gay community – a net neutral force or what exactly. Of course many gay people are shown to be Democrat in the media however this is not always true – the challenge that people have accepting is that a gay person is multi faceted and is not always a single issue voter.

Unfortunately voting has been split down the gay line in the election season – whether gay people could serve in the military was an issue under Bill Clinton – the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” statement has been what gay people have had to go through.

However now there are new aspects of the gay and lesbian community being represented in the army. Now the debate is whether or not transgendered persons should be able to serve in the army – and this is the big question.

There are two questions at play here – the cultural one and the practical one. The cultural one is a little uncomfortable – but it definitely boils down to if people are ready to have transgender people in the army – and are willing to serve with them. There will always be a quartet of people who will oppose this – however at a certain point the culture will be ready – the question is when it will be ready.

The second point is the practical one – transgender people serving in the military will require a redrafting of certain procedures, guidelines and rules. Should a transgender male use the male bathroom or the female bathroom? These are the practical implications that will have to be rewritten.

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